Saturday, August 16, 2008

OMF - Final

There was low hum and then the appearance of three armed security officers from Omega One on the bridge of the Enterprise. A beam of red light shot out of the riffle of one of the officers while the other moved to Kirk’s side. “Have they touched anyone on the ship?”

“Not to my knowledge. Bones?” Kirk shot a questioning look at McCoy. He was busy scanning across his reports on a readout connect to sick bay.

“Nothing, they seem to have only appeared on the bridge.” McCoy noticed that the shot from Omega One’s security officer had knocked the Borg down. He moved to take a pulse, but was stopped by a pretty young security officer holding her own phaser rifle. “Just going to check for a pulse,” McCoy offered.

“Not at this time sir.” She taped a button on her wrist. “Conner to Omega One. We have one drone down here. Transport it back immediately. We will remain here to secure the ship against more attacks.”

“More attacks?” Kirk spun to face Conner in his chair. “I’m sure that Spock has already altered our shielding. There should not be a problem with additional attacks at this time.”

“With all due respect sir, they have most likely matched shield frequencies with both your ship and that of the Omega One by now and will be rotating them in their computer between transports. They will just keep beaming until they get through.”

“That would be suicide,” added Sulu from his chair. “They would lose a lot of their people by attempting to transport on random shielding frequencies.”

“True, but the Borg do not think like we do. Simply, they do not respect life. Don’t worry Captain,” she looked at Kirk. “We’ll stay here and make sure things don’t get any worse, but we need you to move the ship closer to Omega One and stop your attack.”

Kirk smiled. “Sorry, we were just trying to help. Sulu, take us closer to Omega One and hold position.” He spun back to face Conner, “Is that close enough for you now?”

Scotty glanced at the young engineer holding the replicated part. “And you are sure this replicated one will work as well as the original one?”

“It has to work Captain. There is no other way for us to ensure we’ll have enough to complete the mission.”

“One other thing,” Scotty paused in his work and looked directly at the young man who had to be half his age no matter what time line they were in. “Why do you keep calling me ‘Captain’?”

“Sorry, sir. I’ve just read all your technical reports, logs, and even your reports when you returned to Star Fleet Academy after Admiral Picard and the Enterprise D found you in space.”

“Enterprise D, Admiral Picard, and finding me in space?” Scotty shook his head and returned to work. “It appears I have a future cut out for me of some sort after all.”

The intercom cut into the room. “This is Admiral Data. Mr. Scott, how close are you to completing your work?”

“It’ll take just a few minutes and then we will need to test. I would say no more than ten, maybe fifteen minutes.” Scotty winked at the young man as if to assure him the work would be done faster and continued to fuse the part into place.

“The sooner you can get the part in place, the better off we will be Mr. Scott. The Enterprise has just been attacked and we need that cloak to buy them time so that we can return the ship and crew to your original timeline.”

Scotty stopped in his work, a look of concern running across his face, “Attacked?” He returned his attention to the part and the various connections that would make it work. “Don’t worry then Admiral Data. We’ll have this part in place in two minutes and we won’t need to test it.” For the first time in his life, a young engineer watched as a legend moved his hands with speed and confidence that few engineers could exhibit and he realized how a true engineer’s love for a ship could motivate him to be known as a miracle worker.

Admiral Data watched as another energy beam lurched from the Borg vessel toward the Enterprise. Omega One’s shields absorbed the impact. “Admiral, we have the cloaking device online sir,” came the voice of the ship’s engineer.

“Switch the device on and extend the radius of the cloak to the Enterprise. Move us away from the Borg and stop all external exhaust. Reroute exhaust for secondary vent run. Data watched the screen as the cloak took effect and the Enterprise vanished. He monitored closely as his orders were followed and noted the the Borg continued to scan the area for the two ships. ”Please notify the Captain Kirk to shut off his engines and,“ Data paused. ”Because he will not want to do so, please advise him that the Borg will track his vented exhaust if he does not do as I have indicated and that we can recyle our exhaust.

This time there was no argument from the legendary Captain of the Enterprise, just compliance with the request. Just as Data had predicted, the Borg searched the area for awhile, gave up, and moved off to search for other Federation vessels to attack. Had he not had to care for the Enterprise, it would have been interesting to see how the Borg would respond to sudden attacks now that the Omega One could slip into the area undetected and leave the same way. He decided there would be time for this later, for now he had a crew to deal with and the need to ensure no damage to the timeline had occurred.

Scotty stood near Data on the bridge and watched the young engineer monitoring the cloaking device. “Admiral, the cloaking devices is responding well to the replicated parts. We should have enough to continue the project for sometime sir.”

“Very good,” responded Data to the engineer. He looked at Scotty, “I am afraid that had you not completed the job in record time, we would not have been able to protect the Enterprise from the Borg. It is very likely that they detected that the older ship was the weaker of the two and were going to concentrate their efforts on the Enterprise.”

“Aye, always saving her in the nick of time. That’s what keeps me young.” Scott smiled.

“I believe history will eventually realize that you are what keep Captain Kirk out of a great deal of troubled spots, Mr. Scott.” He nodded toward his own ship’s physician as the man entered the bridge area with two other physicians. “My medical staff have prepared the medications to ensure you and your crew do not remember any of the events from the point you came here. We will place you and the Enterprise back at your original position and time and it will appear to be a distortion. You will likely leave a probe behind to monitor it and move on your way.”

“I was kinda hopping to remember all this,” Scott said as he looked at the small black boxes the medical team was carrying.

“If that happens, there is a great chance that the Federation’s timeline will be damaged.” Data turned to one of his officer. “Please transport Mr. Scott, myself and the medical team to the bridge of the Enterprise.” Immediately, the soft hum of the transporter could be heard as the group disappeared.

Kirk smiled as Scotty materialized on the bridge. “Once again Mr. Scott, it appears you have worked a small miracle.”

“Aye Captain. It wasn’t really anything special. Just had to work the part out and put it where it belongs. It could have taken a bit longer, but under circumstances we were fast enough.”

Data had already ordered his detachment to beam back to the Omega One. This left the medical crew and Data. “Captain. As you know, it is imperative that the timeline not be disrupted. With your crew’s knowledge of the events that have occurred and the future with the Borg, we must ensure this remains silent.”

Kirk held up a hand. “I understand. We’ve had our share of time travel too.” He glanced at Spock and McCoy. “What do we need to do?”

Data held up a injection. “We will administer this to your entire crew. It is timed delayed and will allow us to remotely guide the Enterprise back into your time. When you wake up, you will see the distortion in front of the ship as you did before, and most likely leave a probe to monitor the area as it will disappear.”

“What of the ship’s computer,” asked Mr. Scott. “The time will still be recorded.

”We will also modify the ship’s computer and ensure that everything indicates that you are precisely where you should be. It is a very simple procedure.“ Data looked around the bridge holding the injection device. ”Who would like to be first?“

”I think we should start with the the crew in general and finish up here on the bridge,“ offered McCoy. ”That way I can make sure there are no side effects you don’t expect. After all,“ he glanced at Data and back at Kirk. ”Who knows how humans have advanced in your time.“

”Agreed.“ With that, Data moved off with his medical crew. Within a short amount of time the crew was asleep at their stations. Spock and Kirk stood with Data. ”You are the last two,“ he offered.

”Just make sure my ship gets back in once piece, and,“ he pointed toward Scotty. ”Make sure history, at least your history, records what he did today for the Federation.“

”I can assure you, Mr. Scott’s actions will be noted in my log and with Star Fleet Command. If there is to be a history for the Federation, his name will be a part of it and I will ensure that happens.“ Data nodded and administered the injections. He gently eased Kirk into the command chair. Spock was placed at his station.

”Sir,“ said one of the medical officers. ”The ship reports they are ready to beam us back.“ He looked around the bridge. ”It really is something being here with this crew isn’t it sir?“

”Yes,“ replied Data. ”I am sure that they are unique and I seriously doubt that anyone can ever replace them in the future, present or past.“ The sound of the transporter hummed as they returned to the Omega One.

Kirk watched closely as space seemed to waiver for a moment and then return to normal. ”Spock?“

”It appears to have disappeared Captain.“ Spock looked up from his instruments and toward the view-screen. ”I suggest we leave a probe to monitor the area Captain.“

”Yes,“ Kirk paused. He looked at the screen and then glanced at Scotty. For some reason he had a deep feeling that he should say something to the man, if nothing else just include him. ”Mr. Scott, any ideas?“

Scotty spun in his chair, a confused look crossing his face. ”None Captain. Why?“

”No reason.“ He looked back at Spock. ”Leave the probe and let’s get on our way.“ Spock nodded and returned his attention to the instruments at hand.

Later, Spock settled into the peace and solitude of his quarters. He pushed a button and listened as the computer came to life, waiting on his words. ”Computer, record log. This log is to be sealed and delivered to Admiral Data at Star Fleet Command.“ He leaned forward, as if he was telling a great secret, ”Admiral Data, you will need to follow my precise instructions to find the parts for the cloaking device you will need. Afterwards, I would suggest you consider modifying some medications you use to erase memories to accommodate a Vulcan and Human mix such as myself...“


Thursday, July 10, 2008

OMF - Kirk Strikes Back - part 5

Kirk almost seemed to leap at the screen as he watched a bolt of energy leave the Borg ship on a direct heading for the Enterprise. He moved his mouth to demand immediate transport to his ship, or the defense of his ship, or just anything to protect the ship he had grown to know and respect for the last five years. Data did not allow for a comment, “Full power to shield extensions. Divert secondary power to the main drive and intercept that wave.”

The first shot from the Borg ship was absorbed harmlessly into the extended shields. The second rocked the bridge of the Omega One. Kirk and Spock both noticed that the crew seemed unaffected, almost unconcerned, about the hit. “I appreciate you protecting my ship, but I think I would be of better use there right now.”

Data noted that once again Kirk was used to giving orders. The historical records that he had reviewed indicated that James T. Kirk, at least in his younger years, was considered a maverick of a sort. Kirk was known for using methods and tactics that would be frowned on by Star Fleet years later. He noted that only one other Captain had ever gotten away with as many things as Kirk had, and that captain was presently serving as the commander of the Enterprise in the form of Sulu.

“Once the cloak is operational, we will be able to extend the technology to protect the Enterprise as well. The current condition does not require that you be on your ship for us to...”

Kirk had enough. His voice almost seemed to crack as he cut in on Data. “You get me back to my ship now, or I’m about to become a very big problem on the bridge of your ship.”

“That would be most unwise,” Data stopped himself in mid-sentence and looked at Spock. “Interesting. You have managed to link your Tri-corder to the ship’s main computer and you have accessed the shield controls.”

“I suspected that you would know the minute I completed my task.” If Spock smiled, Kirk thought he would have done so at this moment. “As I’m sure you are aware, I can shut the shields on this ship down before you can access and override my Tri-Corder’s commands. I have no doubt it would only take you a matter of seconds, but I have to wonder what the Borg would do with those few seconds this ship did not have shields.” Spock looked thoughtfully at the Borg ship on the screen.

“Transporter. Please beam Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk directly to the bridge of the Enterprise.” Data did not wait to see the blue glow appear as the two men from the past were transported back to their ship. “Cloak room. How is your progress coming.”

Scott looked up from the machine and shook his head at the young engineer who seemed more excited about being in the presence of ‘Mr. Scott’ than of the task at hand. “We’ve used your replicator device and we have a copy. But it won’t fit. Someone has modified this chamber since the time we had this device.”

“Very well, please continue.”

“Sir,” an officer stated. “The Enterprise has broken out of our shield protection range and is making.” The officer paused, looked at his instruments and then shook his head more in disbelief than anything else. “The Enterprise is making an attack run on the Borg ship, sir.”

The words ‘Cowboy Diplomacy’ ran through Data’s network of memories. He smiled for a split second remembering where he had first head those words as his brother, Lt. Commander Data, and then returned his attention to the task at hand. “Move to intercept the Enterprise and direct all fire at the Borg weapons and assimilation systems.”

“Sir, the Enterprise is firing what appears to be a modified photon torpedo.” The officer adjusted his instruments again and looked back at Data. “I’ve never heard of a crew or ship from their time doing this, but it appears the photon has a modulating frequency.”

Data raised and eyebrow. “Fascinating. It appears that Mr. Spock did more than access our shield data. Continue current orders. Remember, the Enterprise can not suffer during this conflict or we will have altered history.”

On the bridge of the Enterprise, Kirk sat in his command chair. The ship and crew was a full red alert and Spock had just completed modifications to a torpedo that he had copied configurations from Omega One. Modifications to the phasers was next.

Kirk punched a button on his console. “Spock, where’s those phasers? I need something that will cut through their shielding and I need it now.”

“Captain, it appears that we have a larger problem at hand,” came Spock’s calm voice over the speaker. “The Borg have matched our shield frequency.”

Before Spock could finish what he was saying, a Borg drone beamed on to the bridge. Everyone seemed to freeze for a moment. The drone almost appeared to be surprised that he was here as well, but then spoke. “We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”

Dr. McCoy, as well as most of the crew had now been let back into the classified areas and stood beside Kirk’s chair. “That’s not a very friendly approach to take,” he said in his best country doctor voice.

“I’m sorry,” Kirk paused as he spoke to the Borg. “Assimilated does not sound like something we are interested in today. However, this resistance you mentioned does come more into our line of thought.”

The Borg extended his right hand and a small tube instantly shot out of the wrist area. He moved toward Kirk. “We are the Borg. Resistance is futile.”

Sunday, June 22, 2008

OMF - Attack part 4

The first thing Kirk noticed as he entered the bridge was the size. It appeared to be at least twice the size of the Enterprise bridge and the instrument readouts were far more complicated. He noticed two readings that indicated the exhaust of the ship and the bleed off of a power supply somewhere on deck twelve. It was information that he felt Scotty would be more interested in, then he spotted what he was looking for.

On the forward screen, a battle analyze had appeared. The Borg ship’s size, weapons, heading, and shield status, along with other information was framed around a large square ship shown plainly on the center of the screen. “The Borg?” Kirk asked Data as he pointed toward the screen.

“They are a most efficient race, Captain. They have little use for decorative designs.” Data turned to his own officers. “Extend our shielding to protect Enterprise and place us between the Enterprise and the Borg Cube.

”Admiral, the Borg have scanned the Enterprise and are changing their heading to an intercept course,“ a blond women, smiled slightly and returned her attention to her station. She reminded Kirk of Yeoman Rand and he wondered how she was doing at Star Fleet Academy.

”Maintain our obstructive positions. Prepare Nano-Nite Torpedos to be fired on my mark,“ Data said.

”Fascinating.“ Spock looked at Kirk and Scotty. ”A photon torpedo with Nano technology could be a fascinating weapon to use against any computer system, even Admiral Data here.

“You are correct Mr. Spock,” Data said without taking his eyes off the screen. “In fact, these Nanos are designed to target the central processor of the Borg ship and essentially shut it down.”

“Aye, but don’t they have some sort of defense system for that,” asked Scotty, wanting to add to the conversation instead of simply reading the warp drive’s power outputs. He had been momentarily stunned by their power capacity.

“They do. The Nanos will have a long hard battle to reach the core. But what seems like a long time for the chip, will be a matter of minutes for us. They will either reach the core and attack it, or they will be destroyed on their way there.

Spock moved toward the forward screen while Scotty pulled Kirk aside. ”I’m not an expert on future technology, but according to these readouts and the sensor scans we took of this ship before they beamed us over, it’s not in a condition for a fight with that thing out there.“

”You’re right.“ Kirk rubbed his jaw for a moment and thought. ”From what I can tell they are Star Fleet or at least they know enough about it and us that the item should not be a threat.“ He turned to Data. ”The cloaking device. Don’t you have others by this time?“

Data turned in his chair from the screen. ”We have had several in possession during out time with the Romulans and Klingons, unfortunately since they formed an alliance, we do not have access to the technology anymore.“

”Should have made a copy when you had it,“ interrupted Scotty.

”We were in the process of honoring our agreements with those governments and there were strict guidelines to the use. As I indicated, we are missing one part and history has indicated that you may know something about that.“

”Borg are within firing range now, Admiral,“ came a report from an officer.

”We have the device you need,“ said Kirk. He turned to Scotty. ”Mr. Scott here has kept it in a self contained field on the Enterprise to ensure that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.“

”You are aware of the Star Fleet regulations that you have violated,“ added Data.

”Had we not violated them, that thing would have been in several ships by now and an entire war would have broken out over the cloaking device,“ added Scott.

Spock had returned to the conversation. ”Mr. Scott is correct. The Romulans were concerned enough about the loss of the device. Had it been operational, we would have been on the brink of war.“

”We can replicate the device, return it to the Enterprise and thereby not change history,“ Data said flatly.

”It’s in a Tri-lite field in my safe. If you’ll just beam me back I can...“

”That won’t be necessary Mr. Scott.“ Data turned to his officers. ”Set the scan for a Tri-lite field and estimate penetration needed for transport. Once that is complete, transport it directly to the Cloak room.“ He turned back to Scotty. ”This would go much faster if you will assist my engineers in putting a copy of the device back into operation and then we can avoid this Borg ship.“

Scotty turned and headed toward the turbo lift. As the door closed, he heard one of Data’s bridge officers announce, ”Sir! The Borg ship has fired on the Enterprise.“

Sunday, June 8, 2008

OMF - Introductions - Part 3

Kirk glanced around the room. It looked or at least appeared to be Star Fleet in basic design. The Android that called himself Data was standing in front of them and alone. “Confident, aren’t you?” Kirk waved a hand around the room. “What makes you think the three of us won’t overpower you and take over?”

Data half smiled, “As Commander Spock might say, that would be most illogical. I am faster and stronger than the three of you combined. I am also only one member of this crew and by chance if you might overpower me, you would have to deal with the rest of the crew.” He looked to Spock. “The phaser you brought will not work; however, I do appreciate your effort. In most cases it would be most useful.”

“How?” Kirk started.

“I am connected to the ship, Captain. When the transporter detected a weapon, it identified it by class, model and strength and then it disabled it during transport and relayed the information to my brain.” He walked over to Spock and pulled the phaser from under the Vulcan’s shirt. “A classic example of early phaser technology. I last saw one of these in a museum.” He returned the phaser to Spock’s hand. “Your Tri-corder on the other hand will work Mr. Spock, you may scan the device.

Spock aimed his Tri-corder toward the cloaking device. ”Captain, it does appear to be the device we obtained from the Romulans with one exception.“ He paused and studied the readouts. ”It is several hundred years older than when we obtained it.“

”That is impossible,“ chimed in Scotty. ”We sent that to Star Fleet Intelligence. They should have it and they would never let anyone have it much less know of its location.“

”In my time, the cloaking device was part of an orbital museum at the Mars Institute. It is considered a classic example of the early years of ‘cloak and dagger’ type espionage that took place between Klingons, Romulans, and the Federation.“ He looked back at the device. ”Sadly, it has never worked since it was used on the Enterprise and Star Fleet has only recently identified that a special part is missing from the device.“

”If you are so far advanced, why do you need us? Why bring us through time for some special device that you should be able to make or better yet, get from the Romulans?“ Kirk stood silently waiting for a response.

”Normally, you would be right Captain. However, since we do not have access to the original missing part, we can not replicate it with the accuracy needed to ensure this cloaking device works,“ he walked around the room and toward the cloaking device as he talked. ”The Klingon-Romulan Alliance pulled out of the area when the Borg returned. We can not be certain, but we believe they have left nothing behind. We do not know where they went. This leaves us alone to fight the Borg.“

”Borg? Who are they?“ Kirk asked.

”They are a,“ Data paused for a moment searching for the right words. ”They are half humanoid and half android. They seek to assimilate all others in the galaxy.“

”Interesting that you would be in command of a ship fighting something of that nature,“ Spock stated flatly. ”It would seem that you would strive to be like or akin to those you fight.“

”The fact is, I am a Star Fleet officer. I intend to defend the Federation, but in order to do that, I must be able to get to the central node of the Borg collective in this area. If I can do that, we can destroy it.“ Data pointed to the cloaking device. ”This will allow us to get to the area and fire the needed weapons into the node. Once the node is destroyed, the rest of the fleet will have little difficulty dealing with the Borg on an individual basis.“

”I’ve got a better idea,“ Kirk smiled as his plan came together in his mind. ”Why don’t we move the cloaking device to the Enterprise, allow us to warp in and destroy the node and warp out? We are smaller and there would be less chance of detection.“

”We cannot afford to lose you or any of your crew Captain. To do so could alter the time line significantly. We...“

”You’ve already altered it by bringing us here. Don’t you think we’ll note this little encounter in our logs?“ Kirk looked at Spock and Scotty. ”You’ve got two other witnesses here. What are you going to do about my bridge crew?“

”We have a method to assist you in forgetting the encounter here. It has been used several times in the past with great success whenever there has been time travel...“ Data was saying.

The voice over the intercom cut into Data’s conversation. ”Admiral. We have a Borg Assimilation Cube on route for our sector. They have detected the portal and us.“

Data looked at his three guest. ”It appears that you are going to have a chance to meet the Borg on a first hand basis.“ Turning his attention back to the officer who had informed him over the intercom, Data continued, ”Ensign, sound red alert and prepare for battle. We will need to extend shielding to the Enterprise.“

”I want back on my ship. Send us back now,“ it was more of an order than a request from the Captain of the Enterprise.

”I’m sorry Captain. Now if you will follow me, I will introduce you to the Borg of this century.“

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The New, Old Enterprise.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

OMF - Classified -Part Two

Scotty quickly searched the room with his eyes. There was no weapon in sight, at least nothing that he felt he could obtain quickly enough to make a difference in his situation. As far as he was concerned he had been abducted, Star Fleet signal or not, this was pure abduction. “I think ya owe me an answer as to why I’m here instead of on my own ship,” he managed.

Admiral Data extended his hand to Scotty and allowed a smile to cross his face, “You are somewhat younger than my brother’s memories present you as. I believe he knew you when you,” he paused looking for the right word, more to avoid offending than for proper expression. “I believe you were more seasoned when you met my brother.”

“If by seasoned, you mean older, than I must agree with ya. But let’s not use the word as if I’m a piece of beef or something to be eaten. Especially after you snagged me over here without my...” His eyes widened and he looked to the corner of the room where a familiar piece of equipment stood connected by wires to the ship. “Is that the...”

“Yes,” cut in Data. “That is the Romulan cloaking devise that your Captain captured. It is the same one that you wired into the Enterprise and allowed the ship to escape certain destruction at the hands of the Romulan Fleet.”

“That’s classified information. I’m not allowed to talk about it. In fact,” Scott looked around the room. “I am not saying another word. You can just beam me back to the Enterprise and we’ll be on our way.”

“The classified order is 192743 Eagle One-o-One. I believe that order by itself now gives you permission to discuss this device with me or anyone else who presents that code to you.”

Scott rubbed his forehead. “Not until I talk to the Captain. He’s the one who sealed that order and since he is here, he will be the one and only one to unseal it.” Scott smiled his regular smug smile. He used the smile anytime he had the upper hand.

Data tapped a small button on his wrist and spoke, “Captain Kirk. Are you still there?”

Scott noticed that the voice seemed to come from everywhere all at once. “This is Kirk. Want to snatch some more of my crew now?”

“No, Captain. I am sorry for the way I was required to obtain Mr. Scott, but you must understand that the Federation is on the move constantly and we are trying to avoid any delays. The Borg will be here shortly as they will have no doubt detected the temporal disturbance. They will assume it has come from the Klingon / Romulan Alliance or from us. Either way, they will come to this area and we must be prepared when they get here. I am presenting Mr. Scott with a specific order, but he has asked that you clarify that order.”

“Captain they got the Romulan Cloaking device here. They have it wired into this ship and it looks like they are trying to use the bloody thing!” Scott almost screamed and hurried his conversation at once, afraid he would be cut off.

“That is correct,” continued Data. “We have the device. We do plan to use it with this ship and I have issued classified order 192743 Eagle One-o-One.” Data paused a moment. “I believe that is your specific order pertaining to this device.”

“You are correct,” came Kirk’s voice. “However, I know Mr. Scott very well. He will neither help you or follow any of your orders without my order. Therefore, you will beam myself and Mr. Spock over there immediately so that we can access the situation.”

Without hesitation, Data pushed the small button a second time. “Transporter room, please bring Captain Kirk and Commander Spock to this room at once.” He tapped the button again and looked to Scott. “Your Captain will be joining us in a moment it appears.”

On the bridge of the Enterprise, Kirk barely had time to give the orders to Sulu, “Keep the ship safe or don’t keep it at all, understood.”

Kirk heard Sulu’s reply of “Yes Sir,” even as the familiar sound of the transporter engulfed him. He glanced at Spock and saw the same process was taking place. To his surprise, and pleasure, he saw that Spock had concealed a phaser just under his belt and had his Tri-corder secure in hand.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One More Frontier

Part 1

Space, it was supposed to be man’s final frontier, but there was never any talk about a frontier beyond space. Kirk leaned back in his chair, rubbed his chin, and glanced impatiently at his first officer. “Three months before final docking,” thought Kirk. “Three simple months of routine charting and patrol and now this”.

Spock stood up from his console, folded his hands behind his shirt and looked to the forward view screen. “Fascinating,” he said to anyone willing to hear him.

Kirk had heard it so many times he didn’t give it a second thought. “Yes, very fascinating Spock. Now, what is it and where did it come from?” He wanted answers and he wanted way more quickly than his Vulcan friend and first officer usually gave them.

Spock looked the engineers station. “How much longer do you think the engine can hold us from going into this opening Mr. Scott?”

“Maybe an hour, or slightly less. We’re holding at maximum impulse right now and it is still dragging us in. We can’t get a stable warp field and without it there is no way...”

“We won’t be able to develop a stable warp field until this phenomenon has dissipated,” cut in Spock. “I imagine that will be a good deal of time after your time frame of an hour.”

“Spock,” Kirk was now clearly annoyed.

“Captain, it is a vortex opening to another time period. For some reason it has appeared here at this precise moment, locked us in and most likely will not stop until we have entered into it.” Spock raised an eyebrow as he took a breath. “It is as if it were planted here for us.”

Kirk stood up from his center command seat, adjusted his yellow command shirt and moved toward Spock. “Are you telling me that someone or something wants us to enter this? When we first saw it, you stated it could tear the ship apart?”

“It still very well could Captain. However, I do not think that the goal of this vortex is to tear the ship apart. I believe it is to take us somewhere else. I believe it is actually being put here to guide us.”

“I,” Kirk paused and looked back at the screen. “Don’t take too well to be forced anywhere by anyone.” He looked back at Spock. “Tell me one reason I should take the Enterprise into it.”

“I can actually tell you several Captain. First, if we do not go, the ship will be forced within the hour time frame that Mr. Scott has referenced. Second, in the weakened state the ship would be at the time our engines give out, we would not have the power necessary to maintain shielding to face what might be taking us in.” Spock paused.

Four years and seven months had not left Kirk blind to Spock’s ideas or what was going on inside his first officer’s mind. “And the third reason would be, Mr. Spock?” Kirk was prompting.

“It has a Federation signal in origin Captain,” he looked directly at his Captain and his friend, Kirk. “Whoever set this up included a Federation sub signal at the core of the phenomenon.”

Kirk walked back to the screen and looked around the bridge. As usual all eyes were on him. Everyone was waiting for what James T. Kirk would say, and what he would order. He knew them. They’d follow him into the gates of hell if he ordered it and they’d go knowing their Captain had only their best interest at heart. He took a breath and returned to his command chair. “I want all non essential personal off the bridge. Scotty, close all view ports and lock them out throughout the ship. I want the only view screen working to be the one here on the bridge.”

Scott hurriedly followed the orders and the hull of the Enterprise went dark as lights were closed inside throughout the ship. He nodded back at Kirk as the last of the non essential personnel left the bridge.

Kirk surveyed the bridge. Scott, Sulu, Spock, Uhura were the only ones left, even navigation had been vacated. “I don’t need to tell you that dealing with possible time travel must remain classified. As you well know, the current Federation does not have the ability to make this sort of vortex opening in space. I must therefore assume this is from a future form of the Federation. Therefore, anything you see will remain classified. Am I clear?”

Everyone nodded as Sulu returned his attention to his controls. “I have routed the navigation controls through my console sir. Ready to enter the vortex on your order.”

Kirk leaned back in his chair. “Alright, take us in, but let’s go...” he paused for a moment looking for the right word. “Let’s go casually in Mr. Sulu.”

Sulu smiled, “Aye sir, going casually into the vortex sir.”

The Enterprise shook as it moved through the realms of time. Spock monitored his readouts despite the fact that he knew should the Enterprise survive, the records most likely would have to be purged from the computer. The ship shook violently and then settled into normal space again.

“Report” ordered Kirk.

“We are in normal space Captain. However, several star constellations have been altered by several hundred years.” He looked up from his monitor. “I would estimate that we are at least four hundred years into the future from our last known location.”

“Captain,” Sulu was pointing toward the screen, his jaw slightly open and his eyes wide. On the screen, a ripple effect started as a Federation styled ship came into view.

“Spock?” Kirk glanced from the screen to his first officer and then back at the screen.

“Fascinating,” Spock said, never looking at his monitor. “It appears to be Federation in design, but it also has a cloaking devise onboard. This raises many questions. He looked to the Captain. ”I do not believe scanning this vessel would revel much since our scans would be primitive and the hull is likely impervious to our best efforts. I would recommend waiting for contact since they could have easily dispatched us if they wanted to do so.“

”She is a mess,“ added Scott, who had incidentally conducted his own independent scans. ”It has several marks that appear to be some sort of energy weapons and the ship seems damaged.“ He spun in his chair, ”Although she could still, unfortunately, swat us like a fly.“

”Thank you Mr. Scott for that view. The question is what do we do now and what do they want with us? Surely they haven’t brought us all the way here just to study the....“

”Captain. I’m receiving a transmission from the ship sir.“ Uhura pulled the earpiece from her ear. ”They are asking for Mr. Scott, sir“

Everyone glanced at Scott. The engineer felt their eyes, felt their questions, and in fact felt like a fool with no answers. ”What would they want with me,“ his scottish accent appeared to become thicker with his nerves.

”On screen,“ ordered Kirk. The screen rippled a moment and then revealed the face of a pale man with green eyes. He blinked a view times as if he were amazed looking through the window of history. ”I’m Captain James T. Kirk of the Federation Starship Enterprise. How can we help you?“

The man smiled, ”Fascinating,“ he said at last. ”My brother’s memories are very precise about you Mr. Scott and Mr. Spock, but I believe this is the first time I have encountered you Captain Kirk.“

Kirk glanced at both Scott and Spock. The looks on their faces telling him the answer he needed. ”I’m afraid you must be mistaken. We don’t know you.“

”True, you do not know me. However, Mr. Spock and Mr. Scott will know my brother, Lt. Commander Data. I am a continuation of him. I have all his memories, programs and skills. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Admiral Data of the Federation Resistance Force Omega. My full accepted name is Admiral B-for Data and this is the Omega One. We have gone to great lengths to bring you here.“ He looked around the bridge from the view screen. ”In particular, Mr. Scott, we need your assistance to ensure our success against a new invasion force.“

”If you want our assistance, you’re going to have to give me more than just a few names out of history and the pretense that you know some of my officers. Who is this new invasion force.“

Data returned his gaze back to Kirk. ”I was told by records that you might be difficult Captain. I do not wish to pull rank; however, I will require Mr. Scott for emergency actions onboard the Omega One. The enemy to which I refer, you have not met yet. We call them The Borg. And, believe me Captain, this time the Borg mean to destroy the Federation.“ The screen went black as the steady hum of the transporter could be heard.

Scott looked to the Captain, realizing that he was the one being transported, ”I dunno know if I want to go, Cap...“ he said as he vanished into the beam. Kirk reached for the red alert button and then stopped himself.

”Spock, how long could we....“

”One shot would easily disable us Captain, if not destroy us. We are no match for his ship,“ Spock cut in.

James T. Kirk leaned back in his chair, and rubbed his sore temples. ”You’re right about one thing Mr. Spock. This is fascinating.“