Saturday, August 16, 2008

OMF - Final

There was low hum and then the appearance of three armed security officers from Omega One on the bridge of the Enterprise. A beam of red light shot out of the riffle of one of the officers while the other moved to Kirk’s side. “Have they touched anyone on the ship?”

“Not to my knowledge. Bones?” Kirk shot a questioning look at McCoy. He was busy scanning across his reports on a readout connect to sick bay.

“Nothing, they seem to have only appeared on the bridge.” McCoy noticed that the shot from Omega One’s security officer had knocked the Borg down. He moved to take a pulse, but was stopped by a pretty young security officer holding her own phaser rifle. “Just going to check for a pulse,” McCoy offered.

“Not at this time sir.” She taped a button on her wrist. “Conner to Omega One. We have one drone down here. Transport it back immediately. We will remain here to secure the ship against more attacks.”

“More attacks?” Kirk spun to face Conner in his chair. “I’m sure that Spock has already altered our shielding. There should not be a problem with additional attacks at this time.”

“With all due respect sir, they have most likely matched shield frequencies with both your ship and that of the Omega One by now and will be rotating them in their computer between transports. They will just keep beaming until they get through.”

“That would be suicide,” added Sulu from his chair. “They would lose a lot of their people by attempting to transport on random shielding frequencies.”

“True, but the Borg do not think like we do. Simply, they do not respect life. Don’t worry Captain,” she looked at Kirk. “We’ll stay here and make sure things don’t get any worse, but we need you to move the ship closer to Omega One and stop your attack.”

Kirk smiled. “Sorry, we were just trying to help. Sulu, take us closer to Omega One and hold position.” He spun back to face Conner, “Is that close enough for you now?”

Scotty glanced at the young engineer holding the replicated part. “And you are sure this replicated one will work as well as the original one?”

“It has to work Captain. There is no other way for us to ensure we’ll have enough to complete the mission.”

“One other thing,” Scotty paused in his work and looked directly at the young man who had to be half his age no matter what time line they were in. “Why do you keep calling me ‘Captain’?”

“Sorry, sir. I’ve just read all your technical reports, logs, and even your reports when you returned to Star Fleet Academy after Admiral Picard and the Enterprise D found you in space.”

“Enterprise D, Admiral Picard, and finding me in space?” Scotty shook his head and returned to work. “It appears I have a future cut out for me of some sort after all.”

The intercom cut into the room. “This is Admiral Data. Mr. Scott, how close are you to completing your work?”

“It’ll take just a few minutes and then we will need to test. I would say no more than ten, maybe fifteen minutes.” Scotty winked at the young man as if to assure him the work would be done faster and continued to fuse the part into place.

“The sooner you can get the part in place, the better off we will be Mr. Scott. The Enterprise has just been attacked and we need that cloak to buy them time so that we can return the ship and crew to your original timeline.”

Scotty stopped in his work, a look of concern running across his face, “Attacked?” He returned his attention to the part and the various connections that would make it work. “Don’t worry then Admiral Data. We’ll have this part in place in two minutes and we won’t need to test it.” For the first time in his life, a young engineer watched as a legend moved his hands with speed and confidence that few engineers could exhibit and he realized how a true engineer’s love for a ship could motivate him to be known as a miracle worker.

Admiral Data watched as another energy beam lurched from the Borg vessel toward the Enterprise. Omega One’s shields absorbed the impact. “Admiral, we have the cloaking device online sir,” came the voice of the ship’s engineer.

“Switch the device on and extend the radius of the cloak to the Enterprise. Move us away from the Borg and stop all external exhaust. Reroute exhaust for secondary vent run. Data watched the screen as the cloak took effect and the Enterprise vanished. He monitored closely as his orders were followed and noted the the Borg continued to scan the area for the two ships. ”Please notify the Captain Kirk to shut off his engines and,“ Data paused. ”Because he will not want to do so, please advise him that the Borg will track his vented exhaust if he does not do as I have indicated and that we can recyle our exhaust.

This time there was no argument from the legendary Captain of the Enterprise, just compliance with the request. Just as Data had predicted, the Borg searched the area for awhile, gave up, and moved off to search for other Federation vessels to attack. Had he not had to care for the Enterprise, it would have been interesting to see how the Borg would respond to sudden attacks now that the Omega One could slip into the area undetected and leave the same way. He decided there would be time for this later, for now he had a crew to deal with and the need to ensure no damage to the timeline had occurred.

Scotty stood near Data on the bridge and watched the young engineer monitoring the cloaking device. “Admiral, the cloaking devices is responding well to the replicated parts. We should have enough to continue the project for sometime sir.”

“Very good,” responded Data to the engineer. He looked at Scotty, “I am afraid that had you not completed the job in record time, we would not have been able to protect the Enterprise from the Borg. It is very likely that they detected that the older ship was the weaker of the two and were going to concentrate their efforts on the Enterprise.”

“Aye, always saving her in the nick of time. That’s what keeps me young.” Scott smiled.

“I believe history will eventually realize that you are what keep Captain Kirk out of a great deal of troubled spots, Mr. Scott.” He nodded toward his own ship’s physician as the man entered the bridge area with two other physicians. “My medical staff have prepared the medications to ensure you and your crew do not remember any of the events from the point you came here. We will place you and the Enterprise back at your original position and time and it will appear to be a distortion. You will likely leave a probe behind to monitor it and move on your way.”

“I was kinda hopping to remember all this,” Scott said as he looked at the small black boxes the medical team was carrying.

“If that happens, there is a great chance that the Federation’s timeline will be damaged.” Data turned to one of his officer. “Please transport Mr. Scott, myself and the medical team to the bridge of the Enterprise.” Immediately, the soft hum of the transporter could be heard as the group disappeared.

Kirk smiled as Scotty materialized on the bridge. “Once again Mr. Scott, it appears you have worked a small miracle.”

“Aye Captain. It wasn’t really anything special. Just had to work the part out and put it where it belongs. It could have taken a bit longer, but under circumstances we were fast enough.”

Data had already ordered his detachment to beam back to the Omega One. This left the medical crew and Data. “Captain. As you know, it is imperative that the timeline not be disrupted. With your crew’s knowledge of the events that have occurred and the future with the Borg, we must ensure this remains silent.”

Kirk held up a hand. “I understand. We’ve had our share of time travel too.” He glanced at Spock and McCoy. “What do we need to do?”

Data held up a injection. “We will administer this to your entire crew. It is timed delayed and will allow us to remotely guide the Enterprise back into your time. When you wake up, you will see the distortion in front of the ship as you did before, and most likely leave a probe to monitor the area as it will disappear.”

“What of the ship’s computer,” asked Mr. Scott. “The time will still be recorded.

”We will also modify the ship’s computer and ensure that everything indicates that you are precisely where you should be. It is a very simple procedure.“ Data looked around the bridge holding the injection device. ”Who would like to be first?“

”I think we should start with the the crew in general and finish up here on the bridge,“ offered McCoy. ”That way I can make sure there are no side effects you don’t expect. After all,“ he glanced at Data and back at Kirk. ”Who knows how humans have advanced in your time.“

”Agreed.“ With that, Data moved off with his medical crew. Within a short amount of time the crew was asleep at their stations. Spock and Kirk stood with Data. ”You are the last two,“ he offered.

”Just make sure my ship gets back in once piece, and,“ he pointed toward Scotty. ”Make sure history, at least your history, records what he did today for the Federation.“

”I can assure you, Mr. Scott’s actions will be noted in my log and with Star Fleet Command. If there is to be a history for the Federation, his name will be a part of it and I will ensure that happens.“ Data nodded and administered the injections. He gently eased Kirk into the command chair. Spock was placed at his station.

”Sir,“ said one of the medical officers. ”The ship reports they are ready to beam us back.“ He looked around the bridge. ”It really is something being here with this crew isn’t it sir?“

”Yes,“ replied Data. ”I am sure that they are unique and I seriously doubt that anyone can ever replace them in the future, present or past.“ The sound of the transporter hummed as they returned to the Omega One.

Kirk watched closely as space seemed to waiver for a moment and then return to normal. ”Spock?“

”It appears to have disappeared Captain.“ Spock looked up from his instruments and toward the view-screen. ”I suggest we leave a probe to monitor the area Captain.“

”Yes,“ Kirk paused. He looked at the screen and then glanced at Scotty. For some reason he had a deep feeling that he should say something to the man, if nothing else just include him. ”Mr. Scott, any ideas?“

Scotty spun in his chair, a confused look crossing his face. ”None Captain. Why?“

”No reason.“ He looked back at Spock. ”Leave the probe and let’s get on our way.“ Spock nodded and returned his attention to the instruments at hand.

Later, Spock settled into the peace and solitude of his quarters. He pushed a button and listened as the computer came to life, waiting on his words. ”Computer, record log. This log is to be sealed and delivered to Admiral Data at Star Fleet Command.“ He leaned forward, as if he was telling a great secret, ”Admiral Data, you will need to follow my precise instructions to find the parts for the cloaking device you will need. Afterwards, I would suggest you consider modifying some medications you use to erase memories to accommodate a Vulcan and Human mix such as myself...“



SLWatson said...

Excellent ending! Is kind of a shame Scott couldn't know his future -- I'm pretty sure he woulda avoided the Jenolan at all costs if he could have. But it's a fun little story, and I think it'd be great if you posted the whole thing to ASC!

Alan Heah said...

Dear Clint,

Congratulations on completing your first full story on this blog.
I've been drawn here, by your finally posting this work on alt.startrek.creative.

All the best for your next TNG & Voyager project!
Keep up the proofreading!