Thursday, July 10, 2008

OMF - Kirk Strikes Back - part 5

Kirk almost seemed to leap at the screen as he watched a bolt of energy leave the Borg ship on a direct heading for the Enterprise. He moved his mouth to demand immediate transport to his ship, or the defense of his ship, or just anything to protect the ship he had grown to know and respect for the last five years. Data did not allow for a comment, “Full power to shield extensions. Divert secondary power to the main drive and intercept that wave.”

The first shot from the Borg ship was absorbed harmlessly into the extended shields. The second rocked the bridge of the Omega One. Kirk and Spock both noticed that the crew seemed unaffected, almost unconcerned, about the hit. “I appreciate you protecting my ship, but I think I would be of better use there right now.”

Data noted that once again Kirk was used to giving orders. The historical records that he had reviewed indicated that James T. Kirk, at least in his younger years, was considered a maverick of a sort. Kirk was known for using methods and tactics that would be frowned on by Star Fleet years later. He noted that only one other Captain had ever gotten away with as many things as Kirk had, and that captain was presently serving as the commander of the Enterprise in the form of Sulu.

“Once the cloak is operational, we will be able to extend the technology to protect the Enterprise as well. The current condition does not require that you be on your ship for us to...”

Kirk had enough. His voice almost seemed to crack as he cut in on Data. “You get me back to my ship now, or I’m about to become a very big problem on the bridge of your ship.”

“That would be most unwise,” Data stopped himself in mid-sentence and looked at Spock. “Interesting. You have managed to link your Tri-corder to the ship’s main computer and you have accessed the shield controls.”

“I suspected that you would know the minute I completed my task.” If Spock smiled, Kirk thought he would have done so at this moment. “As I’m sure you are aware, I can shut the shields on this ship down before you can access and override my Tri-Corder’s commands. I have no doubt it would only take you a matter of seconds, but I have to wonder what the Borg would do with those few seconds this ship did not have shields.” Spock looked thoughtfully at the Borg ship on the screen.

“Transporter. Please beam Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk directly to the bridge of the Enterprise.” Data did not wait to see the blue glow appear as the two men from the past were transported back to their ship. “Cloak room. How is your progress coming.”

Scott looked up from the machine and shook his head at the young engineer who seemed more excited about being in the presence of ‘Mr. Scott’ than of the task at hand. “We’ve used your replicator device and we have a copy. But it won’t fit. Someone has modified this chamber since the time we had this device.”

“Very well, please continue.”

“Sir,” an officer stated. “The Enterprise has broken out of our shield protection range and is making.” The officer paused, looked at his instruments and then shook his head more in disbelief than anything else. “The Enterprise is making an attack run on the Borg ship, sir.”

The words ‘Cowboy Diplomacy’ ran through Data’s network of memories. He smiled for a split second remembering where he had first head those words as his brother, Lt. Commander Data, and then returned his attention to the task at hand. “Move to intercept the Enterprise and direct all fire at the Borg weapons and assimilation systems.”

“Sir, the Enterprise is firing what appears to be a modified photon torpedo.” The officer adjusted his instruments again and looked back at Data. “I’ve never heard of a crew or ship from their time doing this, but it appears the photon has a modulating frequency.”

Data raised and eyebrow. “Fascinating. It appears that Mr. Spock did more than access our shield data. Continue current orders. Remember, the Enterprise can not suffer during this conflict or we will have altered history.”

On the bridge of the Enterprise, Kirk sat in his command chair. The ship and crew was a full red alert and Spock had just completed modifications to a torpedo that he had copied configurations from Omega One. Modifications to the phasers was next.

Kirk punched a button on his console. “Spock, where’s those phasers? I need something that will cut through their shielding and I need it now.”

“Captain, it appears that we have a larger problem at hand,” came Spock’s calm voice over the speaker. “The Borg have matched our shield frequency.”

Before Spock could finish what he was saying, a Borg drone beamed on to the bridge. Everyone seemed to freeze for a moment. The drone almost appeared to be surprised that he was here as well, but then spoke. “We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”

Dr. McCoy, as well as most of the crew had now been let back into the classified areas and stood beside Kirk’s chair. “That’s not a very friendly approach to take,” he said in his best country doctor voice.

“I’m sorry,” Kirk paused as he spoke to the Borg. “Assimilated does not sound like something we are interested in today. However, this resistance you mentioned does come more into our line of thought.”

The Borg extended his right hand and a small tube instantly shot out of the wrist area. He moved toward Kirk. “We are the Borg. Resistance is futile.”

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SLWatson said...

D'oh! Talk about a sticky situation to be in! And while I'm not much of a Kirk fan (and wouldn't care so much if he were Borgified) you're still keeping me thoroughly interested in seeing what happens next. Nice work!