Sunday, June 1, 2008

OMF - Classified -Part Two

Scotty quickly searched the room with his eyes. There was no weapon in sight, at least nothing that he felt he could obtain quickly enough to make a difference in his situation. As far as he was concerned he had been abducted, Star Fleet signal or not, this was pure abduction. “I think ya owe me an answer as to why I’m here instead of on my own ship,” he managed.

Admiral Data extended his hand to Scotty and allowed a smile to cross his face, “You are somewhat younger than my brother’s memories present you as. I believe he knew you when you,” he paused looking for the right word, more to avoid offending than for proper expression. “I believe you were more seasoned when you met my brother.”

“If by seasoned, you mean older, than I must agree with ya. But let’s not use the word as if I’m a piece of beef or something to be eaten. Especially after you snagged me over here without my...” His eyes widened and he looked to the corner of the room where a familiar piece of equipment stood connected by wires to the ship. “Is that the...”

“Yes,” cut in Data. “That is the Romulan cloaking devise that your Captain captured. It is the same one that you wired into the Enterprise and allowed the ship to escape certain destruction at the hands of the Romulan Fleet.”

“That’s classified information. I’m not allowed to talk about it. In fact,” Scott looked around the room. “I am not saying another word. You can just beam me back to the Enterprise and we’ll be on our way.”

“The classified order is 192743 Eagle One-o-One. I believe that order by itself now gives you permission to discuss this device with me or anyone else who presents that code to you.”

Scott rubbed his forehead. “Not until I talk to the Captain. He’s the one who sealed that order and since he is here, he will be the one and only one to unseal it.” Scott smiled his regular smug smile. He used the smile anytime he had the upper hand.

Data tapped a small button on his wrist and spoke, “Captain Kirk. Are you still there?”

Scott noticed that the voice seemed to come from everywhere all at once. “This is Kirk. Want to snatch some more of my crew now?”

“No, Captain. I am sorry for the way I was required to obtain Mr. Scott, but you must understand that the Federation is on the move constantly and we are trying to avoid any delays. The Borg will be here shortly as they will have no doubt detected the temporal disturbance. They will assume it has come from the Klingon / Romulan Alliance or from us. Either way, they will come to this area and we must be prepared when they get here. I am presenting Mr. Scott with a specific order, but he has asked that you clarify that order.”

“Captain they got the Romulan Cloaking device here. They have it wired into this ship and it looks like they are trying to use the bloody thing!” Scott almost screamed and hurried his conversation at once, afraid he would be cut off.

“That is correct,” continued Data. “We have the device. We do plan to use it with this ship and I have issued classified order 192743 Eagle One-o-One.” Data paused a moment. “I believe that is your specific order pertaining to this device.”

“You are correct,” came Kirk’s voice. “However, I know Mr. Scott very well. He will neither help you or follow any of your orders without my order. Therefore, you will beam myself and Mr. Spock over there immediately so that we can access the situation.”

Without hesitation, Data pushed the small button a second time. “Transporter room, please bring Captain Kirk and Commander Spock to this room at once.” He tapped the button again and looked to Scott. “Your Captain will be joining us in a moment it appears.”

On the bridge of the Enterprise, Kirk barely had time to give the orders to Sulu, “Keep the ship safe or don’t keep it at all, understood.”

Kirk heard Sulu’s reply of “Yes Sir,” even as the familiar sound of the transporter engulfed him. He glanced at Spock and saw the same process was taking place. To his surprise, and pleasure, he saw that Spock had concealed a phaser just under his belt and had his Tri-corder secure in hand.


SLWatson said...

Good pacing, good flow, and an interesting story. Plus, Scotty pretty much rules the day, regardless of his age. Keep it up!

The Writer said...


thank you for letting me know someone is reading and enjoying this little story. Once this one is complete, I will post others. Thanks again for your wonderful and kind comments.

ster j said...

“Keep the ship safe or don’t keep it at all, understood.”

Wow. Powerful line.

I like your style of writing. Like the kid said in Oliver Twist, "Might (we) have some more?"