Sunday, June 22, 2008

OMF - Attack part 4

The first thing Kirk noticed as he entered the bridge was the size. It appeared to be at least twice the size of the Enterprise bridge and the instrument readouts were far more complicated. He noticed two readings that indicated the exhaust of the ship and the bleed off of a power supply somewhere on deck twelve. It was information that he felt Scotty would be more interested in, then he spotted what he was looking for.

On the forward screen, a battle analyze had appeared. The Borg ship’s size, weapons, heading, and shield status, along with other information was framed around a large square ship shown plainly on the center of the screen. “The Borg?” Kirk asked Data as he pointed toward the screen.

“They are a most efficient race, Captain. They have little use for decorative designs.” Data turned to his own officers. “Extend our shielding to protect Enterprise and place us between the Enterprise and the Borg Cube.

”Admiral, the Borg have scanned the Enterprise and are changing their heading to an intercept course,“ a blond women, smiled slightly and returned her attention to her station. She reminded Kirk of Yeoman Rand and he wondered how she was doing at Star Fleet Academy.

”Maintain our obstructive positions. Prepare Nano-Nite Torpedos to be fired on my mark,“ Data said.

”Fascinating.“ Spock looked at Kirk and Scotty. ”A photon torpedo with Nano technology could be a fascinating weapon to use against any computer system, even Admiral Data here.

“You are correct Mr. Spock,” Data said without taking his eyes off the screen. “In fact, these Nanos are designed to target the central processor of the Borg ship and essentially shut it down.”

“Aye, but don’t they have some sort of defense system for that,” asked Scotty, wanting to add to the conversation instead of simply reading the warp drive’s power outputs. He had been momentarily stunned by their power capacity.

“They do. The Nanos will have a long hard battle to reach the core. But what seems like a long time for the chip, will be a matter of minutes for us. They will either reach the core and attack it, or they will be destroyed on their way there.

Spock moved toward the forward screen while Scotty pulled Kirk aside. ”I’m not an expert on future technology, but according to these readouts and the sensor scans we took of this ship before they beamed us over, it’s not in a condition for a fight with that thing out there.“

”You’re right.“ Kirk rubbed his jaw for a moment and thought. ”From what I can tell they are Star Fleet or at least they know enough about it and us that the item should not be a threat.“ He turned to Data. ”The cloaking device. Don’t you have others by this time?“

Data turned in his chair from the screen. ”We have had several in possession during out time with the Romulans and Klingons, unfortunately since they formed an alliance, we do not have access to the technology anymore.“

”Should have made a copy when you had it,“ interrupted Scotty.

”We were in the process of honoring our agreements with those governments and there were strict guidelines to the use. As I indicated, we are missing one part and history has indicated that you may know something about that.“

”Borg are within firing range now, Admiral,“ came a report from an officer.

”We have the device you need,“ said Kirk. He turned to Scotty. ”Mr. Scott here has kept it in a self contained field on the Enterprise to ensure that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.“

”You are aware of the Star Fleet regulations that you have violated,“ added Data.

”Had we not violated them, that thing would have been in several ships by now and an entire war would have broken out over the cloaking device,“ added Scott.

Spock had returned to the conversation. ”Mr. Scott is correct. The Romulans were concerned enough about the loss of the device. Had it been operational, we would have been on the brink of war.“

”We can replicate the device, return it to the Enterprise and thereby not change history,“ Data said flatly.

”It’s in a Tri-lite field in my safe. If you’ll just beam me back I can...“

”That won’t be necessary Mr. Scott.“ Data turned to his officers. ”Set the scan for a Tri-lite field and estimate penetration needed for transport. Once that is complete, transport it directly to the Cloak room.“ He turned back to Scotty. ”This would go much faster if you will assist my engineers in putting a copy of the device back into operation and then we can avoid this Borg ship.“

Scotty turned and headed toward the turbo lift. As the door closed, he heard one of Data’s bridge officers announce, ”Sir! The Borg ship has fired on the Enterprise.“